Thank you once again Yasserselima for your helpful comment.nSo do you mean the particle density and fluid density has to be equal to push the particle further by the fluid ? nHere is what I have:nThe particle I am suppose to use for this project is a Deoxidant. which is also called deox powder. The information I have about this powder is:nName of the particle: Deox PowernDensity: 1180 Kg/m^3nCp = 1680 Kg/j/snName of fluid: NitrogennnHere is what I was doing nSo basically I was creating injection from the inlet. I did not found the specific name deox while selecting the the material in the injection. So I was choosing anthracite in the injection.nIn the inert particle option, I was editing the value of density and specific heat of anthracite so that to match with deox powder properties.Ow, I have a inlet from where nitrogen and deox powder is coming at 4m/s.So, what should I do to make the similar density because my particle( deox powder) and nitrogen don't have same density.nor am I doing something wrong by choosing the anthracite and editing its properties?nI have uploaded some of the picture of my injection and fluid selection. can you please help me on this ?nn