>I licensed by looking at the videosnBecause these videos are illegal, and version 12 was phased out 10 years ago and not offered legally.nBut ANSYS does not do anything about these videos or the downloads.n>nYou get it, and install it knowingly or unknowingly (with legal key or not). But they catch you because this was not the official source for download, and extort money. nThere is a spyware inside their products. Technically, it is illegal embedding a spyware in the software, but they have expensive lawyers, and you don't.nnSo, if there is no absolute necessity in ANSYS products, you would better avoid touching anything from ANSYS. Just use only the media shipped officially, the original USB flash from the box, or ansys client account (not available to final users in universities, or customers of 3rd party distributors who offer only keys)nnSo stop trying installing this stuff and ask your local distributor about a demo license. Though, it will not allow you trying many important things, and running a benchmark, because HPC, GPU, optimization, RDP and other options are not available with Demo/Student license.