Thanks for the information, AndyJP.nI'm fairly naive to the inner workings of the system, but I am eager to learn and get a better grasp of how to diagnose and fix problems like this and generally understand the system better. I have a few questions for you:nWhat is model checkup?nCould you point me to more information on license types?nWho would be my distributor? If I am a student, would it be my university?nCould you point me to more information on how to check debug logs at the server?nIs it the expected behavior that the client borrow the license? Who is the client borrowing the license from? The server? Are the client and server in this case the same thing as head node and compute node? (Borrowing terminology from the HPC help document)nAnd last, interesting to hear that this has been a problem for a long time. In your experience is it detrimental to have this problem? What limitations does it place on you or me? It seems I am able to run my simulations even with this licensing error, I'm just trying to do what strikes me as good practice and chase down the cause of error message I run into.nThanks again,nAlexn