nDoes ANSYS subdivide prism elements into tetrahedral elements?nYes because the way ANSYS creates a Prism shape is by collapsing one face of a Hex Element and using duplicate nodes on two corners. Prism elements are turned into three tet elements in the Mechanical program before any input is sent to the solver.nCan ANSYS take in tet-hex mixed elements? How about pyramid elements?nYes.nCan tet elements be directly connected to hex elements? nNo, that is what pyramid elements are for.nDoes ANSYS allow for connections between half quadrilaterals (two neighboring hex elements only sharing half of a face)?nYou seem to be mixing up shell and solid elements. Do you mean quadratic hex elements that have midside nodes where the connection is on half a face? That is not recommended. Explicit Dynamics only works with Linear Elements, so I think the answer is Ansys would reject that as an acceptable mesh.nCan ANSYS accept connections between a pair of prism elements and a hex element by sharing a quadrilateral from a hex and two triangles from prisms?nPlease show an image of what you mean.n