Taylor Robertson
Ansys Employee
Hey tgartner,nnYou may be interested to read more about this class and other classes in https://support.lumerical.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052044913-Optimizable-Geometry-Python-API. You could also use the ParameterizedGeometry class because it is not as restrictive in how the geometry is defined. Function defined polygon requires a list of vertices, and ParameterizedGeometry allows you to use lsf set-up commands. nAs to your question the geometry class will simply define a polygon with the eps in material. The eps_out argument is not really used for shape. This is treated just like any other polygon, and to define the material around it you should do so in the set-script or fsp file. It is helpful to understand how mesh order works https://support.lumerical.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034915233-Understanding-mesh-order-for-overlapping-objects.nWhat I do is set the cladding, substrate layer etc as rectangle with a lower mesh order say 3. Then when the grating is added it will take priority and be meshed over the background cladding and substrate. You can check how your device was meshed by looking a the opt_fields index monitor.nI hope this helps.n