Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee
You would need to use the ACT MEMS extension (if you have access to that) where we have a voltage frequency response plot, not sure though if this is what is needed- or wait until next release (2021 R2) where we will probably have it in our new coupled physics harmonic analysis system.nnIf you do not have the ACT extension - one could use commands (APDL) in Mechanical, to output a txt file with the voltage on a node.nCommands you can use for these are (see the help manual for more info on the apdl commands and on example 2.3.6 in the coupled physics and direct coupled field guide inside the apdl help):nn/OUTPUT,myvoltresp,txtn&nnsol,3,HERE YOU NEED YOUR NODE NUMBER WHERE THE RESPONSE WILL BE MEASURED,volt,,n&nPRVAR,3 ! 3 is the variable number as defined above in the nsol,3 commandnFinallynPRCPLX,1 ! this prints the amplitude and phase of the variable used in the prvar commandnnAll the bestnnErikn