Taylor Robertson
Ansys Employee
Hello Tali,nTo better understand the mesh order, and mesh settings I would recommend the following pagesnIn short:n1) Mesh priority: determines what material/interfaces are used in the meshing process. This determines how the simulation is partitioned, but not actual the settings of the mesh.n2) These are global properties of the mesh, during the FEM meshing process the grid will be refined everywhere until it meets these criteria.n3) The mesh constraint allows you to change the local mesh properties. These can be used to further refine the grid in specified regions, such as near metallic interfaces where the fields will be tightly bound. If the mesh constraints are larger then the global properties 2) then those will used instead.nnI hope this helps.nI would study the first link, and play around with partition and mesh command to see how these features work. You can do this by inspecting the grid.nBest,n