Hello,n i used it and added a cell with temperature values and set it in boundary condition for inlet and run the calculation. As i need one minute in total around the max value of steam flow, i setup the time steps to 0.005 and the number of time steps to 12000 which give a total of 60 seconds. it took a really long time so i had to stop the calculation as i got a notification saying solution converged but im not sure about the results, could you please tell me if my data table correct?nIn inlet boundary condition i set it to pressure inlet and uploaded the file (data table) and in the thermal i uploaded the data table in the setting of temperature, as for the outlet i did not change anything.nnMy questions are : is the data table correct or not? are the boundary conditions correct? and should i also set the outlet too?.Thank you in advance for your reply it will be a big help for me as i am new to ansys and don't know what UDF, parallel mean...n