Sorry about that, im using the same mesh values the study was using (a mesh side of 10mm for the beam closest to the column and 15 mm for the rest), also im a using the properties of s355jr steel for the plasticity of the beam and column, the blue curves are the result of the simulation on the model im using ,im trying to make it behave like the one with the black curves (reducining the magnitiude of moment while ingrising the rotations). I already try a smaller mesh but I would need more ram that my current system have, I think the issue on the data results is that I havent define the lateral constrains or out of plane restrain, I tried to define it one way but it just deform the beam in that section.n n im doing a cyclic test on the model around 93 steps, so far it since that is a good number of steps but it doesnt behaves the way it should. thank you so much for the repplynnThe graphs that have a and b on it are the mechanical graphs of the steel provide by the study.