If you could look at the below section on my code, the I tried printing out the values of alphanum and the UDM they were both consistently turning out to be zero. So I just wanted to confirm if Fluent calculates the phase fraction at the faces at all.nFrom what you said, I understand that in this case, it may not be calculated. But is there a way to obtain the phase fraction values at the faces at all? Or would that be a dead end?nc_face_loop(c,t,i)ttttt/* loops over all faces of a cell */n{ntf = C_FACE_THREAD(c,t,i);tttt/* obtains the associated face thread */nF_AREA(A,f,tf);tttttt/* computes area of each face */nalphadenom += NV_MAG(A);tttt/* computes total face area magnitude and sums as the loop runs */nalphanum += F_VOF(f,t)*NV_MAG(A);ttt/* F_VOF computes the phase fraction of air at each face, multiplies it with area of face and sums it over all faces of the cell as the loop runs*/n}nC_UDMI(c,t,0) = alphanum/alphadenom;ttt/* calculates and stores the area averaged volume fraction of air for each individual cell in the UDM */n}nend_c_loop(c, t)n}n