nAnalysis of objects made from sheetmetal are best done by using surface bodies and not solid bodies. I used the front face of the surface, imprinted with the 50mm tall studs. I only applied two forces on the three studs on each side of the center bend line. These were done using Remote Force so I could apply the force 50mm above the surface without modeling the actual studs. There are two ways to do a Remote Force: Behavior = Rigid or Flexible. Use Rigid if the thing attached to the studs is rigid, use Flexible if the thing attached to the studs is flexible.nUnder Analysis Settings, I turned on Large Deflection. The image below is True Scale. It looks like this plate is supported by two rectangular surfaces. A copy/paste created extra surfaces which where held fixed. Frictional contact allows the plate to bend around those surfaces.nThe image below has the display scale factor of 6000. I only defined 4 bolts, not 6. There are no bolts in the center holes.nYou are interested in the forces going through the bolts. I used a Fixed Joint on each bolt. You can Probe the force going through that fixed joint.n