Array, I couldn't understand what you meant by 'Mechanical Model component'. I also tried searching for it in the ANSYS Help document but that was not useful to solve my query.nAnd also, I have another question which is creating bit of a problem for me in an ANSYS project. I had Engineering Data connections made to some ACP Pre's module within a project from a base mechanical model; I saved the project as an archieve and tried importing that archieve in an another ANSYS project. It was imported fine, however, when I tried deleting some of the imported ACP Pre's in the new project where they were imported into, this error shows up, Data Transfer: Attempt to release connection key failed, Key not found. And the ACP Pre's which I am trying to delete could not be deleted. I have tried everything to delete the ACP Pre's like trying to directely delete the main mechanical model (which was also imported as an archieve along with the ACP Pre's), tried removing the connection between the Engineering Data from the main mechanical model and the ACP Pre's, but nothing seems to work.nI am currently stuck at this point. Could you please help me out?n