Ansys Employee
Looking at the flow pattern you'll need a lot of steps to get the pathlines through the domain. The default is a good starting point in most models but here you're swirling to expect to need many more steps. If they're incomplete with 1000 steps for one twist work out roughly how many you'll need for the full length. Ignore incomplete-parallel, it just means a pathline has crossed a partition too many times:again it's a feature of your model & flow so if most pathlines exit as planned with more steps we don't need to fix it. nGiven the swirl is sustained, review the mesh in the bulk flow. Boundary layer is important for heat transfer, but it's the bulk mesh that will stop jet diffusion. This is one of the few cases I've seen on here where an O-grid might actually be worth using: I'd have used a polar mesh many many years ago. For post processing, set the cell zone centre of rotation (cell zone condition) and use the axial, tangential & radial components to help understand what's going on. n