Hello Peter. I wanted to apply 1st EigenValue shape of LBA as a imperfection to analysis of a construction member.nThe only solution I found out is:n1) Do Linear Buckling analysis n2) Pick EigenValue shape and scale it to the desired imperfection n3) Export STL filen4) Import STL file to new SpaceClaim filen5) Rebuild deformed model to clean geometryn6) One more time set up mesh and analysis.nnnAll in all it works.. But it is very uneffective and it is not usable with big model cause it requires to built model twice and there is a lot work with clean remeshing deformed model.nI've tried solution that you described but it isn't helpfull in this case cause it transform whole model not particular mesh node.nnQuestion:nIs it possible to use location of deformed nodes form User defined result to move mesh nodes of oryginal model into deformed position and repeat analysis ?nDo you know any other way to apply imerfection to a model ?nThank you !nn