Mike Pettit
Ansys Employee
Hi floating stones, You're exactly right - hydrostatic pressures are not included in this value. These are hydrodynamic pressure terms only, i.e. incident, diffracted, radiated components plus a hydrostatic-varying component determined from the RAO-based motions. The 'Contour Type' in your Pressures and Motions result is set to 'Structure Interpolated Pressure', which is why you see a 'rainbow' just above the water surface. If you switch to 'Structure Panel Pressure' you will see the actual (not interpolated) pressures per panel. Generally, the pressures calculated in the Hydrodynamic Diffraction analysis are under the mean wetted surface (only), so you should not expect to see the wave surface shape recreated in the pressure distribution. For the same reason you will also see negative pressure values at some phase angles, where the wave trough passes around the structure. I hope this helps! Mike