nThank you for the reply. I followed both of the procedures, one mentioned in the main post and the other mentioned in the comment. Although both of them seemed promising, none worked. Might be something from my side.nThe method mentioned in the post which talks about attaching a second ACP (Pre) block might work for a shell model, but in my solid model, I've got the following error when I try to refresh or open the Setup of the second ACP (Pre).n nIn the second method by,when I import the .cdb file into the External Data and then link the External Data into Static Structural, nothing gets transferred. Then I tried using the External Model instead of External Data. This time everything gets transferred except the ply materials don't get assigned. When I try to manually assign the ply materials, nothing happens.nnCan you help me with what I might do instead?nThank you.nnUPDATE:nI have been able to solve it. You have to pass both the model and engineering data from the External Model like this:nnn