Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee
So for any beam there is a plastic moment for a beam cross section to plastify (the centre perhaps in your case or the fixed support where the moment is large). This moment can is some simple cases be the plastic section modulus of that cross section times the yield stress.nSo that might happen as we increase the load, and when we form the hinge it will be tricky to solve - we will not be able to solve much further - we can see that ultimate load by plotting the force (could be your total reaction at the fixed support) vs the centre deflection. So it is going to look a bit like below - so that is the largest load when the beam hinges and can not take anymore load (below it happens at about 2.6677E5 N).nnThe simulation does not need thus to be pushed beyond that ultimate load e.g., 2.6677E5 N (it will just soften, or go flat and so it is not important). In your case plot the reactions and the deflection in the centre to look a the load vs deflection curve.nnHope this helps clarify what might be happening.nn