the deformation probe provides the same purpose as the deformation tool, but I need something different. Let me explain better through the following picture where on the left there is the original model including 4 bodies: the top face of body A is fixed in all directions and is in contact with body B (contact1), then B is in contact with body C (contact2 ) and this latter is in contact (contact3) with body D where a force has been applied to its end. On the right, there is a representation of a magnified deformation which shows a rotation of bodies D and C. Thus, the point is that I am interested in computing the nodal displacements of body C with respect to body D, not to the original position since I want to know the effect of contact 3 after the application of the force. If I compute the probe of deformation on C or directional deformation I obtain the nodal displacements from original reference system. I am thinking of subtracting to nodal displacement of C the average displacement of body D, but I would like to know if it is correct or if there is another way to get it.nThanksnn