Hi Ishan,nthanks for your tip.nECENTX can be scoped to a flexible body. By comparing the method I have mentioned at the beginning to the remote point method you suggested, the results are quite different thus I don't know if my version is right. Also, the method that uses the deformation probe scoped to a remote point (scoped to the outer faces of a body) gives the same result as the total deformation and the directional deformation along x y and z. Thus, it does not represent a relative displacement, or I wrong with something. In the pdf you reported it is written Create a named selection of the volumetric body, [...] then insert a deformable remote point at the center of each lens and attaching it to the lens surfaces ;We insert command objects to capture the node numbers of the pilot node on each remote point.nI have scoped the remote point to the body and inserted the coordinates of the centroid. Actually, I cannot find the two macros mk_breldisp and mk_uvects to be placed in the user_files folder. Do you know where can I find them?nThanksn