This will not be very helpful because the written above is simply not very true (confusing incomplete truth, to be fair).n short answer:nGPU acceleration is always activated for isotropic dielectric media in Transient and Driven Modal. Probably SBR is in the list, I don't use it.nI did not find any threshold mesh elements count for that.nIt does not work in other solvers. It does not work when any kind of anisotropy is found. I do not remember, does it work with shell boundaries; it is still a question.nGPU acceleration gives crazy benefits when solving longer than 5 minutes per pass. For short simulations there is no difference because of long and unreliable license negotiation with license server, and long pre/post-processing.nGPU acceleration in unfairly blocked for GTX boards, but work on absolutely equivalent Quadro/Tesla boards.n