Ram Gopisetti
Ansys Employee
It might not be a problem but can you post here an specific image that showing the problem and in the mean time try the following links and tips to adress it nLS-DYNA support site described the definition of internal energy and its possible remedies for shell elements at nhttps://www.dynasupport.com/howtos/general/internal-energynWhen you post the answer in the Forum, please include the following:nHow the internal energy is calculated (see the link above)nHow to prevent it nthis might cause due to stifness matrix might have 0 or negative Eigen values due to high distortion of elements or reached failure criteria .curen 1) improving the time step( reduce it) might help.n2) opt for remeshing for lagrangian( more prone in this formulation)n3) change soft in contact to 2n4) change safety factor as per loading conditionsn5) if application is concerned with soft material ( natural in large deforming-behaviour) add *contact_ interior for better contronHow to prevent it for shell elements (see the link above).nCheers, nRam n