The dynamic mesh has both remeshing and smoothing on, I have attached both the fluent mesh and the results when the model crashed. This is how I knew that the dynamic meshing is either not working right or limitations of it are being reached. You can see that the top surface of the geometry becomes unconnected from the side walls. These two surfaces should be deforming together in the dynamic mesh but they are not. The model runs fine up until when the steel plate eventually begins to deform into the rubber. Initially when the steel plate comes into contact with the rubber the entire model is pressed down, but the force is not great enough to have the steel plate deform into the rubber its self, after some time the limits of the rubber are met and the plate begins to deform into the rubber causing a change in height to the pocket, this is where the dynamic meshing begins to break.nAs for the deformation expected, this is relatively unknow. A transient structural case has already been worked on and ran in the past, but deformation of rubber with a pocket of air compared to the deformation of rubber with a pocket of water is vastly different.nnThank you for the recommendation, I have looked at most of those before posting this issue and attempted to fix it but the issue is still arising.nnn