Mangesh Bhide
Ansys Employee
The performance of the remote graphics may depend upon the remote graphics method, whether it is a supported method, uses most recent graphics card drivers or not etc.nnFor the Java Script error you can try the belown1: Close any open ANSYS softwaren 2: /ansys_inc/v192/aisol/wbcleanup -cmd mwcleanup -sn 3: mv ~/.mw ~/.mwoldn 4: mv ~/.ansys ~/.ansysoldn 5: mv ~/.config/ANSYS ~/.config/ANSYSoldn 6: mv /tmp/Mw_${user} /tmp/Mw_${user}oldn 7: mv /tmp/ANSYS.${user}.192 /tmp/ANSYS.${user}.192oldnnthen launch software againI hope this helpsnn