Hi,nI distributed many beam (type 1) (Beam diameter 50 micron, beam length 100 micron, beam stiffness 600MPa neoHookean) elements into a solid hexahedral elements (8-noded, Solid stiffness 0.8 MPa neoHookean), used constrained beam in solid with NCOUP=0. Then I applied velocity boundary to the solid matrix and read the X and Y stresses in the solid Matrix. I have the following question:n Although the beams are distributed in the X direction, when I read the X and Y stresses they are 100% the same? But the beams are in X direction so the resulted stresses in the X direction must be higher! I guess there is something wrong here! Then I removed the beams however the stresses in the X and Y directions in the solid matrix have not been changed. Seems like fibers have no effect on the resulted stresses and strains of the solid matrix. If we coupled them together wo we expect to see directional stiffness in the model but seems like fibers do not play any role in the resulted stresses and strains. Would it be possible to let me know what would be the problem here?nBestn