Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee
That is great - for reference and for anyone using APDL for thermal heat transfer, attached is a the apdl input for NAFEMS benchmark T4 (convection heat), where the block has a convection on the right and top edges (SFL command). A fixed temp. is applied on the bottom edge, while the left edge is insulated. The target temperature at x=0.6 and y=0.2 is 18.3 degrees C, which is close to what we get. Hope this helps anyone:n/PREP7 n!* nET,1,PLANE55n!* nKEYOPT,1,1,0nKEYOPT,1,3,0nKEYOPT,1,4,0nKEYOPT,1,8,0nKEYOPT,1,9,0n!* nMPTEMP,,,,,,,, nMPTEMP,1,0 nMPDATA,KXX,1,,52nMPTEMP,,,,,,,, nMPTEMP,1,0 nMPDATA,DENS,1,,7800 nRECTNG,0.0,0.6,0,1, nAESIZE,ALL,0.005, nAMESH,1,1 nFINISH n/SOLn!* nANTYPE,0nNSUBST,10,100,10nOUTRES,ERASEnOUTRES,ALL,ALL n!* nNROPT,AUTO, , nDL,1,1,TEMP,100nSFL,3,CONV,750, ,0, n!* nSFL,2,CONV,750, ,0, nSOLVE nFINISHn/POST1n*GET, TEMPN1, NODE, NODE(0.6,0.2,0), TEMPnn