Ansys Employee
Not sure I've ever tried explaining Fluent to a 10 year old, they usually run away or just want to look at the pictures! These may be a good starting point an extent, the Methods and Controls are to let us solve the Navier-Stokes equations in an iterative manner, and help link the various parameters. UR tells us how much the change the solution with each iteration (between 0 and 1), if the value is low it'll be more stable but may never reach the solution, too high and it'll be really fast but very unstable: if you don't know leave them alone. nFirst and second order (and the rest) relate to an accuracy level, 2nd order (and the others) are more accurate but potentially harder to converge, first order is marginally less accurate but easier to converge. Note, better meshes and maths mean we generally solve 2nd order most of the time, 20 years ago we solved first order and often didn't try 2nd. n