There are no skewed cells (> 0.9). Maximum skewness is 0.80. Minimum orthogonal quality is 0.2 . nConsidering that the last mesh I created with this method has 10,090,749 cells, I think it is pretty good, right?.ow I need to figure out better parameters for the inflation layer. I calculated the first cell height for a desired Y+ value of 1 for this model, which gives a height of 0.1 mm. I am using the last-ratio offset method, with 20 layers and I tried a transition ratio of 0.5 . The inflation came out great but the total thickness is still too thin, around 5 mm, which is far from my BL estimate for a turbulent plate. How can I calculate the right combination of transition ratio and number of layers to obtain the desired total thickness? I was looking for explanations in the forum and in the manual, but they usually talk about other methods which use growth rate instead of transition ratio.nn