Hi karthik,

Well I was doing the carbon black formation simulation in Fluent. I have attached the images of the model below.

this is my friends's model - the non-premixed gasses are entered trough the pipe in the left and adjacent opening is for air inlet. the combustion products are exited through the right.

My Friend's Model

I consider his results as my input parameters.

other half of the reactor - My Model

there is an additional stream of feed stock coming in trough the six pipes into the chamber

gas Phase and feed stock

Now I am getting an error saying that the species is not solved at some nodes. upon investigation there is a warning message while initialization "diffrent fluids encountered at different zones - zone 9 has mixture template and zone 10 has urea liquid "

I'm new to Fluent and am unable to figure out where have i done a mistake. Please let me know If you need further details. I can share the file.