UPDATE TO THE PROBLEMnHi,nI have been using ANSYS2020 student version, but now I have installed and start to use the 19.2 academic version which is paid by the university. At first, it was quite fast to draw the system but as the sketching becoming more involved, it takes much longer than it should be I guess.nI have followed each and every step you have instructed for the other friend. But the problem is that when I have installed the licence manager and run setup.exe and once the installation is completed it is stated that installation is complete and there is NO NEXT button for me to click to Launch License Management Center upon exiting.nSo I cannot launch the center to license the program.nnAlso, please see the image of Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility 19.2 file location which is just shortcuts, which is another dead end for me to run it in order to follow your instructions to license the program.nAlso, please find the cmd ping image.nAlthough I am pretty sure of that the present program(ANSYS19.2) license works perfectly because once my VPN connection wipes out due to connection lost(time to time) ANSYS gives warnings that includes SAVE YOUR WORK NO LICENSING. So, I really do not understand why it is too slow to even trim a rectangular body like in 1 minute or drawing a rectangular by 3-points takes 2 min.nI really need help for that matter. I am much appreciative of your efforts and concerns.nThank you so much.nSelvinnnnn