It doesn't seem like this decision was made with the users best interests in mind. After working with lumerical for some time, I have a collection of frequently visited links which are critical to many aspects of the work I do, these are now useless. Furthermore, with out the KX I can say the success of my projects would have been much delayed as it is a vital tool for simulation set up and troubleshooting. Ansys has created the perfect opportunity for users to start thinking about whether or not this is time to start migrating to a different software, given that a critical aspect of the support has been removed on top of the typical frustrations of working with lumerical.
It would be within the users best interest to have the old KX available until everything has been fully migrated to the new forum. At the very least, for the old links to redirect you to the topic now on the Ansys forum.
Not to mention the amount of time employees will have to spend answering the same questions which they have already provided comprehensive answers to...(on top of all the work they are putting into migrating old inquiries).
An unnecessary duplication of everyone's efforts and poorly thought out migration plan. Thanks Ansys.