Navya C
Ansys Employee

If you do not say from where you started the design it will be very difficult to figure out which template you used. Unless you say, you are using the AFSSM1 example, It will be time consuming. So please be specific when you provide the information and make sure you provided all the required information, as we need to answer the questions for many in the forum.
I have looked at the file you provided. The wire diameter you provided (4.62mm) may be unrealistic in this case. The net area of the slot is around 51 square mm and RMXpert is giving a warning in the design sheet that slot fill is not possible for the performance you are expecting for the machine. I am also not sure if 98 % slot fill you provided is practically possible. Clearly, from the wire diameter, you have chosen No. of conductors required per slot can't be inserted into the slot.
You can keep the wired dia also to zero in the setup and let Rmxprt figure out what diameter will fit all the required conductors in the slot for the required torque.
Again, you need to cross-check the diameter auto-generated, whether it is practical or not. Otherwise, you need to play with other design parameters to achieve the desired performance.
Once you run the analysis setup you need to open the design sheet from results and check the results if everything making sense and then only proceed for creating a maxwell design.
First and foremost we must understand the electrical machine design subject and the dependency of various design parameters on the machine performance. Other wise it will be difficult to completely design a machine with the required performance.
Regards Navya