Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee
We can use the element birth and death, and deactivate the collagen in the first step.

So we can have two or three steps:

Deactivate the collagen part, and deform the cantilever.
Activate the collagen, and hold the deformation.
Bring the cantilevers back to original position (or just deactivate the enforced displacement), and see how the collagen develops stresses.

To apply a Element Birth and Death condition:

On the Environment Context tab: click Conditions>Element Birth and Death. Or, right-click the Environment tree object or within the Geometry window and select Insert>Element Birth and Death.
(For more info on activating and deactivating elements/part see help manual.

Once done it should look a bit like this (this is just for reference as it is an arbitrary example for illustration only), where there is no stress in the activated part (though element birth) for the 2 first steps, and then stress develops gradually as we bring/pull the structure back in the last step.

thank you