I would assemble in CAD the straight leg frame with the collagen piece made using the deformed legs.
I would create three bonded contacts. The contact adjacent to the fixed side of the frame holds the collagen.
Two contacts are between the face of the leg and the face of the collagen.
If you are on a newer version of ANSYS, there is a feature in Workbench called Contact Step Control.
This lets you set the status of the two contacts with the legs and the collagen to be "dead" during step 1 when the legs are bent using a force. The contact comes "alive" in step 2. The force that deformed the legs was held constant in step 2. In step 3, the force ramps off to zero.
If you are on an older version of ANSYS, you have to use APDL commands to achieve the same dead and alive switch on the contact.