Thank you for answering. Yes, I am trying to get DQ inductance as well. Actually, I think the Inductance waveform should be sinusoidal but it is not. by using this method the inductance that I got is about 300uH.
Also, I tried to use Magnetostatic. for measuring the Inductance of windings. I solved parametric and define a variable for rotating rotor with steps of 1 deg and used the same variable for stator windings current excitation (I*sin(Rotate_degree) to get sinusoidal currents. here I consider 30 turns for windings and I select I 6000 A. In transient solving the number of stator windings turs is 30 and I consider the maximum current 200 A. The conditions are the same for both simulations. but I got 3mH for Magnetostatic analysis.
Do you have any suggestions? Also, how can I calculate DQ inductance in Maxwell?