. Thank you for your effort, but as I already told,who also went through this effort, I am sure you guys are not able to reproduce my results with a different model. This is a random occurrence with MPC-bonded contacts with Large Deflection: On. I have other larger models, where I encountered the exact same problem for different geometries. And you also mentioned you have seen this before, but probably did not investigate any further.
I am using linear Structural Seel :
My geometry is very simple & clean. Anyway, the mesh discretization is crucial and I do not see any issues with it. Only 1 Virtual Topology can be generated & does not help. And even if it helped in any way, this could have been another workaround that I am grateful about, but not really looking for. I'd like to understand what & why this is happening.

I do not need to reinstall Windows, because as already mentioned: I am a commercial user and my support was not able to explain the reason to me at this point. They had my model and were able to reproduce the same problem on a complete other machine.