Hi Rob Thanks for introducing iso-surfaces. I did try that. I created an Iso-surface at the inlet itself. I extracted the mass-weighted average of the static temperature and also the mass flow rate. The values were :
T_inlet = 300.09743 K
m_dot = 0.003181 Kg/s
Cp_water = 4000 J/KgK ( i have manually input it as 4000 in the material property)
Q_dot = m_dot x Cp x Delta_T ( In my case, 12.8 J/Ks x Delta_T)
Delta_T is the problem area.
As you can see in the below-attached image(also attached the iso-surface values attained), I have the heat transfer at the inlet is 23.35 W. I do not understand how it can be that value.

Thanks Karthik