Thank you so much for the reply. Yes I did try a flexible rotation probe but it didn't work to measure angular displacements of nodes.
However, I tried adding a remote point and I have a few questions in this regard:
1- If I associate the remote point to a node, it gives me zero angular displacements. However, if I assign it to multiple nodes belonging to the same face it gives me a non-zero number (however one which is very big). Is this normal?
2- When I assign a remote point to a face, what it measures is the average of angular displacements of all nodes of that face. am I right?
3- When I use the remote point to measure the angular rotation, it gives me a single value for each rotation about each axe although I have several loads applied over 100seconds. I am assuming that's giving me the final angular displacement, i.e. that at time=100s. Is there any online code to get the angular displacements of each face at all laoding times (t=1s -> t=100s)? I tried to search online for something as such but it was in vain.
Thanks again.