Hi Karthik Thanks for answering. As you can see in the image above, the losses for the winding in the range of KW. I understand that this was for a demonstration purpose. I know that the volume of winding is 4.2E-5 m3 (from ALH workshop files) and the value of such KW loss would yield a source term value more than this. literature and other tools for motor simulation provide winding loss in KW but Ansys tells losses on copper winding in KW. Why this much discrepancy between literature and Ansys Maxwell results in a winding loss?
Inside a workshop on ALH, it was stated that it is possible to direct mapping of winding losses from Maxwell 3D to fluent. This much of losses in KW are resulting in temperature beyond the melting point of materials of the motor. Also, the manufacturer manual doesn't agree with such temperatures even without the use of any cooling techniques. Please answer, How do I avoid huge stranded losses inside winding to get losses below 200 Watts (as Rmxprt anticipates for armature loss) so that I can directly map losses from maxwell 3D to fluent?
Ansys Forum is indeed a great place for students like me, Thanks for your help and support.