Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee

Thanks for the information.

Ansys staff are not allowed to open any attachments - also as we said, this act extension is very old (for version 17) and not maintained and developed further so we can not help with that.

You can try instead to do your own little script (ACT mechanical), and tailor it as you need (this is the only way since this extension is frozen and we do not update it).
To help you get started the script below collects the result objects (e.g., Total Def. ., DIrectional Def., etc.) and creates/export results files/data in a D: drive.

--code snippet act---

for i in range(1,maxres):


This can be easily extended to loop also over all the analysis, and then to finally concatenate all files into one if needed. Also results can be scoped to geom., or NS or Paths without any issues.

Thank you