Thank you for your valuable help, I have few follow-up queries for this:
1) I inserted pressure in contact tool as shown below, so my question is if this contact pressure is seal pressure (Amount of pressure required to overcome the sealing) ?
2) In your APDL commands, you added 'neqit, 100' ; I guess default is 25 ?
So how did you decide how many equilibrium steps you need to solve this particular problem ?
3) Can and should we use NLAD meshing for seals in general ?
4) In total deformation, I need complete seal deformation, thus I made changes in symmetry settings accordingly but unfortunately the result is not as expected.
and lastly 5) You added "nd001_MXUP_Elements" & "nd002_MXUP_Elements" in the solution information, I did not find this on any online resource available, could you please tell me what was the purpose for doing this and what conclusion do we get from it or how do we infer the result obtained in this step ?

Thank you and sorry for so many queries Chinmay