Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee
As this is explicit, I would recommend in the future to post on the explicit forum.

First I would run without soda/water to see that it runs. Then if that is OK do the following:

For the fluid inside, this example uses Eulerian ref. frame (set that under the soda settings). So reference frame: Eulerian, and Water material properties.

Under the analysis settings: use an end time of 6E-4 s, and under Euler domain controls:
Set scope: Eulerian Bodies Only
Total Cells:25000

BS: Fixed support for bottom plate, and imposed displacement on the top wedge moving down (5E-4 s we have -6E-2m, and at 6E-4 s at -3E-2 m). Use explicit body interaction for the contacts only (thus suppress all of the automatic contacts defined by Mechanical and use only body interactions - with penalty formulation shell thickness factor =1, set to yes for body self contact and shell, and tolerance 0.2)