Not sure what happened but i now have the solids in mechanical, i will explain as follows;

I noticed that when i went to close the spaceclaim window it wanted to save a copy separately event though i had already saved the workbench project. It would appear that the spaceclaim file was not linked to the project schematic geometry in workbench even though that is how i opened it. Therefore i closed that window (without saving it) and reopened a new spaceclaim file through the geometry option again and created my four rectagular solids to represent modules.
Once i had the four solid modulels created in spaceclaim, a green tick appeared beside the geometry part in my static structural schematic. I did not have to use the workbench share command.

I would still appreciate any advice on how to model this structure, thanks.
Thanks Michael

PS. In the first post i meant to say elastic support rather than remote displacement.