Greg Baethge
Ansys Employee

Thanks for posting your question. This is not much documented on our side, so I'm not too sure what is possible and what is not. That said, I had a look at the other scheduler scripts, and I noted a function that is not present in ""
def update_progress_from_stdout_file(job_name, job_id, prev_log_lines)
This function reads sdtout and "feeds" the progress in the job manager. Schedulers like Slurm will forward sdtout to a file and this is the file the script reads to get the progress. From what I understand, by default, Torque doesn't update the file until the end of the job.
What you suggest could work with FDTD only, as the simulation progress are stored in the log file. In your script, you would have to load only the lines like:
0.00800595% complete. Max time remaining: 6 mins, 24 secs. Auto Shutoff: 1
So you'd have to transfer the log file back to your local PC, and extract the lines in a functions as above.