Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee

I would first recommend to have a look at our course - start with the course getting started, especially since you are new to Ansys. Also have in mind that what you are describing is something very complex and hard to model, and something I would not know exactly how to do, so this is a very large task for a student, and especially since you have not used ansys for years as you say. The only thing I recommend is to get some knowledge of FEA, then do some simple examples (beam bending say or a truss own code - see EDX course think they cover this theory), then gradually go about it, and understand how things work in ANsys, and then gradually try something more difficult - best of luck. Below are some courses on how you can get started with Ansys.

Then look on course like nonlinear and contacts:

Finally the course from EDX and cornell university will give a good theoretical background also.
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