i think part of the reason my case is failing, is because I do not have the mesh interface figured out properly.
so I would like to ask you a few questions starting with the geometry
summary of geometry:
2" pipe, length 2m, inclined at 30deg, with brine inlet at the bottom and mixture outlet at the top.
near the bottom, I have a 1/2" air inlet and near the top I have a 1/2" salt inlet.
during the simulation, the brine is static, the air travels up towards the mixture outlet and the salt travels down and should collect on the bottom, near the brine inlet. (see image below)
the purpose is to investigate the counterflow behavior of the two phases (air and salt) in the third (brine)
so regarding the geometry:
Should I have 3 bodies and 3 parts? Should I use ShareTopo in this case?

or should I have one part and three bodies? with no SharedTopo in this case?