Thank you and what you said about the 'length of the simulation' might actually be the problem. I changed (increased) some time-related values and I am getting some results.
My ENDTIM in *Control_Termination keycard is 0.1 sec. So, I changed the curve (*Define_Curve) corresponding to the gravity load to 0.1 (as maximum value on the horizontal axis). Is this what you guys meant when you said the simulation should be long enough? (To clarify, I didn't want to increase the termination time because the solver takes longer time, so I changed the curve values to correspond to the termination time. Is that correct?).
Also, to be on the right side, should my curve for gravity load go beyond the termination time to get the actual effect of gravity on my geometry? Or should my termination time go beyond the extent of my curve? I mean, what would give me the 'complete' result to see the effect of gravity?

Thank you!!