I'm afraid you are looking into the wrong issue. The format is fine. The issue is not in the format. Let me explain my problem again, I want to define the boundary condition to the limited space of the wall and the surrounding control points of the wall should be varied according to the temperature I have given. Let us consider the wall into multiple surfaces or control points Eg x1, x2,...,x4000. I would like to specify temperature to only some points as shown in the below screenshot, where the profile which is read has 300k in all control points but I have given some of them as 700k, and the rest of them must be varied according to the given temperature like for example surrounding temperature on the wall should be 640k, 620k,630.1k,....so on
But, the rest of the control points are fixed as 300k. It might be because I have mentioned them as 300k. So this time to avoid this problem as a fixed temperature, I have uploaded to profile data only the locations of control points and values of the temperature which I wanted to be changed, but now, I am facing the following error (Look into the below screenshot). Please excuse me if my presentation skills are bad.
Thank you