Guilin Sun
Ansys Employee
For linear materials, the normalization is to the source spectrum, please refer
Suppose the source amplitude is A0 (default it is 1 V/m). Since the injection is a pulse, so different wavelength will have different intensity, which is the source spectrum. To remove the frequency dependency, just divide the frequency-domain data with the source spectrum as shown in the above page. Such normalization means all the wavelengths would have injected amplitude of A0.
Once source amplitude is normalized, intensity is normalized. However, due to complicated interaction of light with matter, such normalization does not mean the maximum is 1. For example, the interference maximum intensity can be 4 when to plane waves interfere. In some devices, the field enhancement can be thousands of orders to A0^2. However, the normalized power should be smaller than or equal to 1.
Power is normalized to the source power. Please refer
Efficiency is usually defined by users.

The frequency-domain monitors do the above normalization.