Hello Gsun, Thank you for your reply.
Usually in the DFT monitor when I see pure reflection that is the monitor plane is parallel to source injection plane the efficiency is smaller that 1 (less than 100%), but the screen shot I gave here for side YZ DFT monitor is showing almost 800% efficiency at 900 nm wavelength. So is this both 'source top XY monitor' and 'side YZ monitor' result consistent?
Also for power absorption analysis group if I calculate the power injected by incident plane wave by the (p = - 0.5 w *abs(E^2) *ima(permittivity) then I got something say 10^15 order/ per unit area for a particular wavelength, but the analysis group shows power absorbed about 10^21 order per unit area, (if I take one slice of area from volume) Is that also consistence? where E= 1 V/m, and area is 2.14*10^-13 m^2.
Finally could you please show me an example file for the plane wave is injected from the source and passing through a structure and I can calculate the normalized power that is going through all the 3 monitors (reflection and transmission parallel to the source and side transmission perpendicular to the source).
Thank you so much.