Guilin Sun
Ansys Employee
FDTD is a discrete method, and all the 6 field components are interleaved in space. Periodic BCs mean infinite number of periods, no beginning point no ending point, just like a "circle".So if there is power travelling along one direction where the power goes in periodic BCs? This is the physics from my intuition. What do you think? Bloch BCs need special treatment to apply additional phase on the exact
Yee Mesh, something could be "unphysical" for example in theory the periodic BC is a plane however in the discrete world it is not a single plane. In addition, what is the size of the monitor on the XZ and YZ plane? do they pass across the source? if so, it is not a surprise since source has a grey area where the fields are unphysical also in order to have the source propagate in one direction but not the other direction.
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If you want to analyze the mode properties of such device please refer FDE examples online. This OLED example might be helpful in particular for your case